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What is Age Calculator King?

Age Calculator King is a simple to tool to calculate your Age at any given point of time. All you need to do is enter your DOB ie. Date of Birth and hit the calculate button. The Age Difference calculator will then calculate the difference between your date of birth and current date and display it in various forms.
The calculator will display your age. It will also display your age in various other forms such as total number of months, number of weeks and also in number of days.
It will also diplay your age in number of Hours, Number of Minutes and Number of Seconds elapsed since your DOB ie. Date of Birth.

How to Use this tool?

We provide a simple, Free to use online age calculator which can be used as a date of birth calculator or DOB calculator.
The steps to use it are as follows:
Step 1: Enter your Date of Birth in the given input fields at the very top of this page.
Step 2: Enter the date on which you calculate or age in the next input fields. Suppose, I want to calculate my age on 1st January 2020, then I will enter 1 Jan 2020 as the Date in the second input fields at the top of this page.
Step 3: Simply Click Calculate button given below the fields. Just as shown below:
how to use age calculator

What is Pearson Age Calculator?

Pearson age calculator is also a kind of DOB calculator which calculates chronological time elapsed since the date of birth of a given individual. It is of quite importance in the medical field and is very widely used in UK. However, Pearson age calculator could also by a typing mistake by many people who were actually willing to tpye "Person" instead of "Pearson" and actually looking for asq calculator. (Just like I did with "asq calculator" and "type" in this sentence.) Did you notice?!). That's the point. It could be a typo as well.

What are interesting facts showcased by Age Calculator King?

Age Calculator King also provides with additional very interesting facts such as the number of breaths you have taken since your DOB ie. Date of Birth, the number of times your Heart has pumped since your DOB ie. Date of Birth.
It will also display the number of days left for your Next Birthday! isn't that cool? Furthermore, it also calculates the quantity of oxygen you have consumed (in Metric Tonnes), ie. it will display the Metric Tonnes of oxygen consumed by you since your DOB or date of birth! Amazing, isn't it? If you would like to know any other interesting facts, kindly comment or email to us and we shall add that as well! (As shown in below image)
how to use age calculator

What are the Use-Cases and Importance?

This online age calculator can be used for several important occasions, such as before marriages or weddings, Various admission processes of Universities and Colleges (Where you would be wondering, "Now what is my exact age?"). We come to rescue and make life simpler with a simple button.
Also, in several job applications such as government jobs or private jobs for that matter, it is required to fill your exact age and thus this tool comes very handy. Even in the field of astrology or scientific calculations it is very useful.
Not just humans, but this tool can be used to calculate the age of your pets or any other animals as well! Cool isnt it? All you need is the DOB (the Date of Birth) of anything and you can find its age by a simple click of a button.

About Us

We are a team that believes in providing quality and useful app to use for everone. That too for Free!
This age calculator is free for use for anyone and is one of the best on google. Not only does it calculate your age, but also provides you with several interesting and mind numbing facts such as number of breaths taken, number of times your heart beats, the total quantity of oxygen you have consumed so far and so on. If you would like to get in touch with us for any query you can write to at arboodtechnologies@gmail.com Also, we would love to hear of any more interesting facts that you would like us to add. Not to mention that we would soon be available on Google Play store and Apple App store as well!
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